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Made4Music finds products to make music making easier - easier and more assured playing and singing outdoors, more comfortable rehearsing and performing, improved storage and organisation, and better presentation to your audience. CLICK ON THE PRODUCT LINKS BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO BUY.

Making music outside is wonderful - until the wind plays havoc with the music on your stand! Pegs, weights, magnets are cumbersome and not easy to use to secure your music. We have two best-seller wind protection products:

- Our MUSIC STAND CLIPS effectively and stylishly secure the music onto your stand with full visibility of what you are playing and make page turning easier, compared to pegs, magnets etc. 

- Our PORTFOLIO BOARD is no longer available here. Please see (supply from USA)


The clips can also be very useful indoors, when draughty rooms, fans or air-conditioning cause problems for keeping your music on the stand.


Music stand clips
Music stand clips
Music stand clips and bag
Portfolio board

More practical products to make music more easy, organised & professional...

  PLAY LIST HOLDERS - keep your set/play list accessible, secure and visible to you without looking messy or unprofessional.

NEW  HANDHELD MUSIC STANDS - hold choir music folders in one hand, increasing comfort and allowing a hand free for page turning.

  CASTOR CUPS - for pianos and keyboards, made from strong plastic and specially designed to protect the floor surface and minimise wheel movement.

  BAND STANDS - strong, robust and customisable, but unlike most are lightlight and easy to transport and store.

Do browse our website to find out more about our current products and pricing, discounts and offers, and to place your order. Please note all prices are for supply to the UK. Please email us if you are from outside the UK before ordering

Playlist holder
Handheld stands
Castor cups
Band stands