More about the Handheld Music Stand for Singers in Choirs

We humans, with our opposable thumbs and strong fingers, are very used to gripping things tightly to keep them steady. But the Music Stand was designed to lessen tension and strain in the hands and fingers as much as possible. When it is supporting a folder of music, the Music Stand should rest in the hand in a comfortable and balanced way: there should be no need to grip it or to maintain any tension in the hand, or to brace the knuckles against the “spine” as it curves down over the back of the hand - it is more comfortable to simply support the Music Stand in a relaxed way. It might seem natural at first to grip it, but this would create tension and soon become uncomfortable.

This Handheld Music Stand helps you to support your music folder comfortably with one hand. Here are its key features:


  • It’s balanced.  It's designed to hold an A4 or similar sized ringbinder folder. It's not top heavy or bottom heavy – the folder rests in the hand, feeling comfortable and stable.
  • The covers are held open at the perfect angle to each other, and to you, assisting you to read the music as easily as possible.
  • It doesn’t slip…  Part of the music stand curves over the “top” of the hand and this prevents it from slipping down, and so does the contact between the user's hand and the back of the music stand.
  • ...nor does the folder!  Your music folder rests against the music stand, the bottom edge resting on a ledge along the bottom of
    the music stand, behind a lip that stops it slipping off the ledge.
  • It’s easy to turn the pages:  this lip has a rounded profile so the pages are not “trapped” behind it, making it easy to turn them.
    (See image). And because your folder is fully supported in one hand, the other hand is free to turn the pages.
  • It's symmetrical,  so it's equally comfortable in the right or the left hand.
  • There's no need to grip:  you simply allow the music stand to rest in the hand  - no need for tension, no need to hold your hand and fingers tense by continuously holding and balancing the folder. Your hand simply supports the device which, in turn, supports your music folder.
  • It's light,  making it easier to hold your music folder up without strain. This helps you focus on your conductor instead of letting your folder sag or slump in your lap.


In short, if you’re using this music stand, you can pay more attention to the conductor, to the music, and the process of singing, and less to the mechanics of keeping your folder under control.

** Note: the Music Stand was designed for use with ring-binder or similar folders, holding sheets of music or scores It does not work quite so well with thicker standalone scores. **


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** If using the Music Stand exacerbates an existing condition, or causes a new one or pain or discomfort, then discontinue use and consult a medical professional. **