Playlist holder

The Playlist holder does what its name suggests! It attaches to your music stand, and you just slide your set or gig list - or notes relating to your rehearsal or performance - into it. Much better than dropping paper on the floor, which looks unprofessional and is hard to read, or hiding it behind other music on the stand. 

SEE HOW EASY, EFFECTIVE AND PROFESSIONAL THE HOLDER IS WITH THIS VIDEO DEMO (The video shows the old design. Our new clip design as in the photos below now fits all music stands including the Peak Portable.)

And they make great gifts for musicians! 


Enquire for discounts on larger orders

BUY 1 Playlist holder - £15.00 including UK p&p

BUY 1 Playlist holder WHEN ORDERING WITH MUSIC STAND CLIPS - £11.50 including UK p&p